Bidayatul Abid: Beginning of the Worshipper

Bidayat al-Abid wa Kifayat al-Zahid is a primer on worship according to the final position of the school of the exemplary Imam, Ahmad bin Hanbal RH. It was written by the great Syrian Jurist Abdur Rahman bin Abdullah al-Ba’li al-Hanbali (1110-1192 AH). This concise work covers issues pertaining to the rites and rituals of worship i.e. purification, prayer, funeral proceedings, alms-giving, fasting, etc. The work is excellent in its simple presentation and teachers and students can furthermore benefit from the author’s own commentary Bulooghul Qasid, which will be relied upon in presenting this course. By restricting it to only worship and make it concise as he said in his own words, that the reason he penned it was “to motivate the aspirant and to induce the one looking for gains.” It is the goal of this course to teach this book over the course of 12 45 minute classes, providing the student with a grounding in the essential matters of the Islamic practice.

Objectives and learning outcomes of the course

Course Contents

Course Instructor

Shaykh Khalid Shah

Shaykh Khalid was born in Brazil to Pakistani parents and raised in Australia. His late father Shaykh Saeed was an Aalim and Imam. After obtaining a Bachelors of Information Systems from Monash University, he devoted his time to the study at Darul Ulum (Melbourne), where he completed the 6 years Aalim course in 2009. During the same period he completed Masters in TESOL (Teaching English to speakers of other languages).

Shaykh Khalid is passionate about Classical Islamic education and furthering its establishment in Australia especially in the establishment of maktabs and madrasas. He is the founder and principal of Kashiful Uloom, where he teaches daily. He is the Imam and Khatib at UMMA centre, Doncaster East and oversees UMMA’s maktab and teaches adult classes. He has also translated and published 3 books available on Amazon.