The Absolute Essentials of Islam

Islamic positive law (fiqh) is knowledge of the legal rulings extracted by the legal theoreticians or jurists from a set of linguistic and inferential principles from the primary texts of the Qur’an and Sunna. This course offers a comprehensive introduction to The Absolute Essentials of Islam compiled Shaykh Faraz Fareed Rabbani from the original Arabic text Islah Ilm al-Hal written by the eminent Damascene Shaykh Amīn al-Jundi al-Abbasi al-Maarri (d. 1868). Sessions will include a full reading of the English book which is followed by general explanations of it that include important and relevant points about creed and basic ritual law (ibadat). It is an introductory to intermediate level course, although advanced students or specialist will benefit from it as well.

Objectives and learning outcomes of the course

The Absolute Essentials of Islam

Approximately 10 weekly sessions of 45mins + 15mins Q&A
Start Date:
Will be announced soon

Course Content

The first session will be an introductory one outlining Islamic positive law as a topic, its extreme importance and factors behind its negligence among the Muslim community. It will also include a short account of the book, its merits and a discussion around original Arabic text is based on.

All subsequent sessions will sequentially cover chapter contents as they are arranged in the printed version as follows:


  • Belief in Allah
  • Belief in the Angels
  • Belief in the Books
  • Belief in Allah’s Messengers
  • Belief in the Last Day
  • Belief in Destiny

The Rulings of the Sacred Law

  • Purification (Tahara)
  • The Ritual Bath (Ghusl)
  • The Ritual Bath: A Detailed Description from Beginning to End
  • Ritual Ablution (wudu)
  • The Obligatory Acts of Ritual Ablution
  • The Ritual Ablution: A Detailed Description
  • The Nullifiers of Ritual Ablution

The Prayer (Salat) 

  • Conditions of the Prayer
  • The Integrals (arkan) of the Prayer
  • The Necessary (wajib)
  • Actions of the Prayer
  • Performing the Prayer
  • A Complete Description of the Prayer
  • The Actions Disliked (makruh) in the Prayer
  • Actions that Invalidate the Prayer

The Path to Salvation 


  • The text of The Absolute Essentials of Islam.
  • Reading the course materials.
  • Preparing to contribute to class discussions.

Course Instructor

Ustadh Dr Safaruk Chowdhury